Your best health is your birth right that you need to reclaim at any time.

The power to change the state of your health is not outside of you nor does it involve other people or any medicines. The power has been with you all your life, from the day you were born. The process is as simple as drinking a glass of water every day, and does not require you to spend a penny.

Since childhood, you probably developed your own views, perceptions, as well as beliefs about health, the food that you shouldn’t eat, practices you need to avoid, and other things that your NEED to do to maintain a healthy body. You formed these beliefs, views, and perceptions from your environment, parents, friends, work places, media, and from everyone you encountered on a day-to-day basis. These collective influences around you make-up most of your beliefs about health right now.

If your current state of health is not where you want it to be, know and understand that you can definitely reverse this situation. In fact, you can reverse this situation right now.

It doesn’t matter how long have you been having health issues and challenges, you can reverse the situation and you can reverse it at any time you want to.

You are what you believe

This may be quite surprising for you to discover but the only reason for the state of your health right now is your choice to think and believe in the current state of your health. You are in that state of health because you think and believe that you are supposed to be in that state of health.

In short, you are a victim of your own thoughts and beliefs. To be more precise, you’ve unconsciously victimized yourself because of what you constantly think of.

You probably spend so much of your time thinking, talking, worrying, and affirming that you can’t do anything about your health right now. When you give negative attention to your health, you give power to the negative version of your health.

If you have doubts, fears, anxieties, and worries about your health and about getting well again, you will create a reality where there will be something to doubt, fear, worry, and be anxious about, or it will hinder you from experiencing complete health and vitality.

If you think that issues surrounding your health is beyond your control or something that you cannot change, you will create a reality where it will be uncontrollable and unchangeable.

Even though you think you have no limiting beliefs about your health, your unconscious thoughts about it are taken into consideration. The fact that these are already your beliefs for a long time makes it manifest in your daily habits and interactions with people. You probably talk about it on social media, when with friends, when talking to your loved ones, and think about it multiple times a day.

Change your health by changing your thoughts

So change your beliefs about your health to change the state of your health. This means you need to be aware of how you are using your mind and how your thoughts wander on a daily basis. Always focus on positive thoughts about health. Focus on healing and being already healed right at this moment even though your reality says otherwise. Better yet, ignore whatever you’re feeling right now. When you pretend your ‘illness’ don’t exist, they cease to exist.

Knowing this truth about your mind gives you power over your life and the state of your health at any stage in your life. Train your mind to think in terms of health, vitality, vibrance, high energy, and a full-life and you will get what you constantly think of. To change your physical health is simple: change your mind about it.